I'm coming to the movie with perception this will be bad as previous x-men movies. The first 10 minutes, im thinking this will be superbad. Fortunately at the end is not that bad.

Starting with the good thing. The costume! The costume is very loyal to comics. And as x-men comic fans, I am very excited. Psylocke, Storm, even Weapon X accesories attached is very accurate. Second, they include Weapon X arc that also very similar to the comics with the exception of Jean Grey. The ending also lead to many possibilities in the future with Jean Grey become Phoenix and X-Men training in the danger room. Dark Phoenix Saga or Shiar Empire maybe after this?

The bad thing. Hurm, this movie doesnt smell age of apocalypse at all. It just a movie with a big bad powerful supervillain come from nowhere and want to conquer the world. Cliche as it is. In the comics, Apocalypse takes 20 years to plan the end of the world after spreading his empire little by little all over north america continent. And his horsemen is very strong,having lot of influence and need a lot of good mutant to beat them.  In the movie, he just recruiting any mutant he can find to be his horseman and suddenly want to conquer the world. Next is the origin. Well for storm and nightcrawler it is accurate so no problem for me. But angel/archangel, He comes from noble family and not some cage fighter. Psylocke is sister of Captain Britain and also from noble and not some mutant mercenary. And the one that annoy me very much is cyclops is the brother not havok.

Overall this movie is fun to watch and lots of action not like day of future past. But it doesnt excite me as much as Civil War. And i still hoping X-Men will be included in MCU so House of M or Avengers vs X-Mencan happen. Rating = 6.5/10
The most anticipated movie of 2016 will release this May and i cant wait to get on with it. The movie is Marvel's Captain America : Civil War. The movie is based on 2006 Marvel comics title Civil War. For those who scared of movie spoiler, don't be because i believe more than 70% won't be same. Why? Because there are no Nitro, no New Warrior and Speedball, no Fantastic 4, no Goliath and Ragnarok, but luckily we have Spiderman. Without Spiderman, it won;t be Civil War even though it's a fight between Iron-Man and Captain America (technically its not about them, literally yeah they both fight). Well, whose side your on?

To be honest, I don't put high expectation in this movie due to what Fox done to Fantastic 4 and X-Men : Day of Future Past. But surprisingly Ryan Reynold portrayal of Deadpool exactly what in my mind.

If you are afraid of reading this because of potential spoiler for the upcoming Xmen : Apocalypse in May 2016, please dont. I can say the movie will be 90% different from the comics. Main reason i'm saying that because in the movie the future already changed due to the event of Day of Future Past (DOFP), while DOFP does not have any significant relation in the comic story arcs. Another warning, this gonna be long with lot of picture, lot of team and lot of comic titles. Please bear with me. If you interested to read this comics by yourself please message me.

Legion Quest
The story start when Professor X's Son, Legion (David Haller) wake up from coma after fighting with Shadow King and he decided that the best way to help his father's dream was if Magneto had not been around to stand in the way. He travels back in time, taking several X-Men with him and attempts to murder Magneto, while Magnus and Xavier were still helping WWII survivors in Israel. Magneto is saved when Xavier jumps in front of Legion's psychic knife, taking the killing blow for his friend. As Xavier dies, Magneto pledges to carry on his friends dream when suddenly Legion and all the X-Men (except for Bishop) disappear from existence. In the present, all of Earth 616 is covered in a crystal like form irradiated from the Shi'ar's M'Kraan Crystal.

X-Men Alpha

Nearly twenty years have passed since Legion changed the timeline when he traveled back to the past to kill Magneto and instead accidentally ended up killing his own father, Charles Xavier. Xavier’s untimely death meant he could not father Legion, nor found the X-Men. The small team that had followed Legion through time vanished into thin air. Only Bishop, a chronal anomaly himself, remained behind, though somewhat amnesiac and unsure of what really had transpired. However, another factor came into play to change the course of history; alerted by the incredible amount of mutant energies released in the fight between Magneto and Legion, Apocalypse decided to move along with his plans of world dominion in his Darwinist view over a decade earlier than he originally would have...

In this new world, Apocalypse and his Horsemen soon conquered the North American continent. On top of Manhattan, Apocalypse erected his huge stronghold, as well as the breeding pens where Sinister and his head scientist, Hank McCoy aka the Beast, could perform their twisted genetic experiments. Sinister’s foster sons, Cyclops and Havok, are part of Sinister’s Mutant Elite Force that patrols the breeding pens and the remains of New York. Across the country, the human population live in constant fear of the cullings. Many have fled to Eurasia, or died trying, which is ruled by the Human High Council, who have build hundreds of Sentinels to patrol their territory. A war between the opposing sides seems inevitable. Sinister thinks this madness. As a scientist, he would rather manipulate Earth’s population in general than have it killing each other. He betrays Apocalypse by tipping off important information to the Human High Council. Despite their enmity, he asks Weapon X and his lover, Jean Grey, to transport the data to Eurasia.

Now in his late forties, Bishop is constantly at odds with the world around him. With each passing day, he knows more and more that this is not how it is supposed to be, though he can’t remember why. Finally, after about two decades of wandering, he runs into the X-Men – led by Magneto and his wife Rogue. Seeing Magneto, Bishop becomes enraged and accuses Magneto of being a murderer, before he passes out. The X-Men think him insane, though Magneto knows there is more to him than meets the eye. He has Rogue touch him and a psychic backlash occurs, showing Magneto fragments of what reality was supposed to be. He realizes that despite he is considered a villain there, it would be a better world, and so he decides to try to restore the timeline. For that effort, three things are needed: a time-traveler; a piece of the M’Kraan crystal, functioning as a nexus to all of creation; and a precog, both to determine the truth of Bishop’s story and to pick the right timeline once they would travel back.

Generation Next

The recruitment of a time-traveler seems the biggest problem, as Apocalypse had killed all people with chrono variant powers to prevent anybody from defeating him by altering history. Magneto visits Generation Next, young mutants training to be the next generation of X-Men under the guidance of former X-Man, Colossus, and his wife Shadowcat. They have Know-It-All hack into Apocalypse’s data banks to search for any suitable mutant, even somebody who has not yet manifested powers. The search comes up with only one possible candidate – Illyana Rasputin, much to Colossus’ surprise as he had believed his sister killed in a culling. Know-It-All learns that Illyana is held in a high security prisoner plant called The Core, making any attempt of liberating her sound like suicide.

Still Generation Next splits up to break into the complex. Skin and Chamber pose as workmen to get in the front door. Husk and Vincente kill Quietus, the supervisor of The Core, and adopt his guise, with Husk morphing into his ugly, deformed head and most of the body of Quietus and Vincente using his power filling in some added mass. They sift through Quietus' office to find information about little Illyana. Meanwhile, Shadowcat and Colossus are near the back entrance of The Core, from where they keep track of their wards via Know-It-All. Mondo enters the plant by merging with the ground and melting into the brick walls. He finally locates Illyana and hides her inside himself.

Unfortunately, Skin’s and Chamber’s cover is blown, and when the Sugar Man, the prison’s overseer, instructs “Quietus” to kill them, Husk and Vincente are exposed too. Mondo tries to smuggle Illyana out, but the scared little girl fights him from inside, and he is too discovered and killed by the Sugar Man. Accompanied by his wife, Colossus fights his way to their charges and after beating the Sugar Man to a pulp, reclaims Illyana. By now, Generation Next learns that it is easier to break in than to get out, as they are surrounded by dozens of guards. Deciding that Magneto’s mission and Illyana’s safety has top priority, Colossus orders Shadowcat to take him and the girl to safety, though it means abandoning their students. He later returns to rescue them but they are beyond help, so he takes Kitty and Illyana back to Magneto’s base. Little does he suspect that the Sugar Man regenerated himself from one of his bodyparts, and is now very tiny, hiding in Colossus’ boot.

Gambit and The X-Ternals

For the second task, Magneto chooses Gambit and his band of X-Ternals, despite their grudge over both of them loving Rogue. Who better than a thief to steal this powerful object from half a universe away? Gambit even has a means to travel this vast distance among his team in the form of his new girlfriend, Lila Cheney, though she herself has not realized her mutant ability yet. Magneto takes the X-Ternals to one of Apocalypse’s secret chambers in the Morlock Tunnels and with the equipment there, he makes her manifest her interstellar teleportation abilities. However, during the process, a band of Apocalypse’s Infinites, led by Rictor, show up. Lila transports her team deep into Shi’Ar space, where the M’Kraan crystal is located, though Rictor is caught by her power signature as well.

The mutants materialize on an alien planet, right in front of the Imperial Guard. After a short fight, the X-Ternals escape and hide in a jungle, where they learn more about the M’Kraan from some of the natives. On his mad quest for power, Shi’Ar Emperor D’Ken has been tampering with the crystal, and it’s expanding nexus is now endangering the entire universe. More and more frequently, the crystal sends out waves of energy that cause the eradication of all reality for brief glimpses. Rictor sides with the Imperial Guard and makes a deal with them. He has a tracking device on one of the X-Ternals and will help bring them in, if he is granted to deliver the X-Ternals back to Earth as his captives. Gladiator agrees and soon the Imperial Guard and Rictor crash in on the X-Ternals, right as, unfortunately for everyone, the crystal wave starts enveloping the planet.

In the last instant, the X-Ternals are beamed up to a ship piloted by the Starjammers, led by Deathbird. Together the two teams make their way to the planet where the M’Kraan crystal is located. While the Starjammers try to distract the Shi’Ar fleet, Deathbird accompanies the X-Ternals to the planet‘s surface. Guido, Jubilee and Sunspot take on D’Ken’s army while Gambit, Lila and Deathbird head off to look for the crystal – which is rather huge, and they wonder how they can steal something of that size. However, they are pulled inside the structure, where they are welcomed by the M’Kraan’s guardian, Jahf. He explains to Gambit that it’s up to him to save the universe, or actually all universes, as a cascading effect through the nexus would destroy all of them. In order to gain a piece of the crystal, which is as good as the entire object, Gambit need’s to give something of himself, and he sacrifices his unrequited love for Rogue. The team are granted the desired M’Kraan fragment and head back to earth, though Sunspot remains behind, as he has absorbed too much of the crystal’s destructive energies and is about to explode. By the time Lila teleports, Rictor and Gladiator have finally caught up and, pitying the Infinite leader, she takes him along.

The group emerges back in the Morlock tunnels and Gambit orders his team to split up. Predicting that Rictor will go after him and Lila, he gives the crystal shard to Jubilee and Guido to bring it to Magneto. On their way towards the mansion through the Morlock tunnels, they run into Nanny who is trying to bring baby Charles to safety. (see more on this on the next page) Surprisingly, Guido destroys the robot that could have led the way. It turns out that Guido has turned traitor. He was caught by Apocalypse’s troops a few months earlier and had a bug implanted in him. Guido takes both the crystal and the baby, leaving Jubilee behind in tears.

Elsewhere, Gambit and Lila are luring Rictor away, but when he lets out that he has a means to track Guido and Jubilee, Gambit decides they should turn around and keep them from getting to the X-Men mansion (and leading Rictor there). In the main access tunnel, they run into both Guido and Rictor and chaos ensues. As the tunnels cave in, Gambit can either rescue Lila, or the crystal and baby Charles. Gambit chooses his love, and they both end up being toppled by debris. Guido brings both the baby and the crystal shard to Apocalypse’s stronghold and, when Rictor later arrives, eager for a promotion for the X-Ternals’ demise, he is killed for not realizing the importance of the two prizes.


The only capable precog that Magneto knows of is a woman named Destiny, although he has never met her in person. However, she long left the battlefields behind her and created a peaceful community called Avalon for humans and mutants alike. Magneto orders Nightcrawler to find her, as his mother, Mystique, is the only one who happens to know her and also is ferrying refugees to Avalon. Kurt sets out to do as asked, and goes the route many refugees have gone before him. Learning of a submarine heading to Avalon, Kurt makes sure that he is one of the passengers, unaware that his actions are being monitored by Apocalypse’s spies, who have long been trying to uncover Avalon’s whereabouts.

During the journey, Nightcrawler is confronted with the hard truth that the rumors of the refugees being robbed and dumped into the ice-cold ocean are not exaggerated, as the craft is raided by Callisto and her band of pirates. Kurt is the only one to survive, as he teleports to safety in the last instant. One by one, he deals with Callisto’s crew, though is about to be shot by the woman herself. That’s when suddenly Mystique shows up, coming to her son’s rescue with a small aircraft. After effectively dealing with Callisto, she takes Kurt to Avalon, hidden deep in the Savage Land, where they are welcomed by the mysterious Cain. He picks up the new arrivals and takes them to Destiny. After proper introductions are made to Destiny’s adoptive son, Douglas, and Switchback, another recent arrival, mother and son explain what they came for. However, Destiny has no intention of joining them in Magneto’s plan, as she has a recurring vision of Avalon going down in flames.

Indeed, chaos ensues, as Apocalypse’s Pale Riders have followed the Darkholmes to the peaceful community and immediately start to destroy it with massive explosions. The Riders’ leader, the telepathic Damask, however, is marveled by the place. She never knew that such beauty could exist and she decides that it needs to be preserved. In order to do so, she turns on her teammates and kills them. Next, Damask warns about Apocalypse probably sending some back-up after the Riders, and, as if to prove her right, the Shadow King appears and starts possessing Avalon’s settlers, making them kill each other.

When the Shadow King takes over Mystique, Kurt comes up with a plan to take him down. Suspecting that the Shadow King resides within an adjacent dimension, Nightcrawler hopes to get to him by combining his powers with those of both Damask and Switchback. Kurt teleports the three of them, while Switchback extends their transition time to keep them in the dimension, which normally they would only stay for a fraction of a second. This gives Damask enough time to use her psionic skinning on the mind of the Shadow King. In the instant of dying, the Shadow King fires one last blast at Destiny, but Doug jumps into the way, saving his mother. With Avalon in flames and her adoptive son dead, Destiny has lost everything she has worked for. Swearing that Apocalypse will be brought down, she decides to return to America with Nightcrawler.

Astonishing X-Men

While their friends are undergoing all these missions, the X-Men do not stand idly by. Not entirely convinced of Bishop’s story, they continue with their regular activities. Even if this world isn’t the true reality, it’s stilltheir world and they will fight for it until they die. Receiving news of Apocalypse’s son Holocaust having started another culling in Chicago, Rogue takes a squad of X-Men with her to oppose him and rescue as many humans as they can. Despite it being a suicide run, Sabretooth, Wild Child, Sunfire, Blink and Morph come along, as they all feel very strongly about Holocaust and the cullings. Once they reach Chicago, the X-Men try to calm the panicking humans, but soon Rogue looses control of her squad. At first Sunfire goes ballistic, as he remembers similar events having happened in his native Japan, with him being the sole survivor. Next, Sabretooth decides to settle an old score by taking the fight to Holocaust himself. Against Rogue’s orders, he takes Wild Child with him, abandoning the rest of the team.

The two X-Men find Holocaust in Indianapolis, where the newest Infinite processing plan is located. Although his intellect is somewhat limited, Creed sends Wild Child back to the Rogue’s team with this valuable piece of information, while he dukes it out with Holocaust. Although Sabretooth manages to crack his bio-containment suit, Holocaust is the last one standing, and further tortures him, before chaining him to a rack rock slab with his chest ripped open. Wild Child makes it back to Chicago with the Infinites hot in pursuit. The X-Men save him and, as he has no other way to communicate, Kyle licks Rogue’s face so that she absorbs the knowledge from him. Immediately, the team rushes to the processing plant but, when Blink sees the ravaged body of her mentor, she freaks out and takes on Holocaust by herself.

The villain laughs at the girl’s effort, though he underestimates her. She not only destroys major parts of the building but also, with some tricky maneuvering, is able to best him. Bested, Holocaust ends up falling into a tank of genetic goo. However, Holocaust survives even this and returns, now madder than ever. Rogue and Morph come to Blink’s aid while Sunfire and Kyle continue to evacuate the plant’s prisoners. Right before Holocaust is defeated, he activates a teleportation platform and escapes to his father’s stronghold on top of the ruins of Manhattan.

Amazing X-Men

The other half of the X-Men – Storm, Banshee, Exodus, Dazzler and Iceman, led by Quicksilver, travel to Booth Bay Harbor in Maine to help the many human refugees that are hoping to be rescued by the Sentinels of the Eurasian Human High Council. Storm ensures that the approaching robots aren’t detected by Apocalypse’s seawall by causing static interference with a lightning storm. But the X-Men still face one big problem; in the eyes of the Sentinels every mutant is an enemy. As a result, the two parties that have come to help the humans would end up fighting each other. To prevent this from happening, the X-Men have come up with a override virus, which they need to plant into one of the Sentinels. As if this procedure is not already hard enough, the team are further disturbed by the Brotherhood, who have been sent by Apocalypse to stop the humans’ escape and also the newest Horseman, Abyss, who enjoys abducting some of the refugees and sending them into his inner void of darkness.

Using teamwork, the X-Men are able to overcome the Brotherhood. Only Box and Copycat escape by hiding among the refugees and letting themselves be evacuated with them. The team is finally able to proceed with their mission, though by threatening the hostages’ lives, Abyss blackmails Quicksilver into dueling him. Realizing that she is falling in love with Pietro, Storm accompanies him to the site of the battle. Surprisingly, he manages to defeat Abyss by wrapping him up in his own coils but he is sucked inside his own void.

While his X-Men are busy fighting for their world, their leader, Magneto, stays behind at the mansion in Westchester, along with Bishop. At first, the time-traveler accuses Magneto of being a coward as he lets hisfollowers go into battle without him. Magneto explains that, if they succeed and the timeline gets restored, baby Charles, the infant son of he and Rogue, will no longer exist and he wishes to spend one last night with him. Suddenly, alarms go off, as the estate is being invaded – Apocalypse has finally discovered the X-Men’s hideout. Nanny immediately wraps the baby in a cocoon of omnium steel and takes him to safety in the old Morlock tunnels, mere seconds before the Infinites attack. At first, Bishop and Magneto manages to keep them at bay, however they are only cannon fodder. Their actual opponent is Apocalypse himself and he easily knocks them out. Magneto tries to cause an explosion that will kill both Apocalypse and himself, but stops the device when he learns that the Vanisher was sent after Nanny and baby Charles. Little does he know that Nanny has already terminated her pursuer.

Finally, both men are rendered unconscious and carried away by Apocalypse’s forces. While Magneto is brought to Apocalypse’s stronghold, Bishop is taken to a secret base in Quebec for interrogation. There, he is tortured by the Madri and the Shadow King, who learns from the images in his mind that Bishop is from another reality. Before he can probe any further, Bishop is able to force the Shadow King out of his head. However, Abyss re-materializes and intends to finish the job the Shadow King started. Though he does not exactly understand what it is the X-Men are hoping to achieve, most likely it will be no good for Apocalypse, so it needs to be prevented, even if that means killing Bishop.

When Quicksilver’s team of X-Men returns to the mansion, they discover evidence of the recent battle and also learn that Bishop and Magneto have been brought to different locations. Iceman departs to fill Rogue’s team in on the bad news, while Exodus and Dazzler are sent to search for the robot and the baby she is guarding. Knowing that Bishop is crucial to their plan, Quicksilver makes a hard choice and decides that he, Storm and Banshee will try to rescue him, even though it might mean the death of Magneto.

Once they reach Quebec, Storm rushes to Bishop’s aid, who is about to be killed by the Madri, while Quicksilver and Banshee more or less by accident discover the one, true Jamie Madrox, held in a cell. To their surprise, he doesn’t fight them, but asks to be killed as this would leave the Madri soulless shells. The two X-Men do not want to kill an innocent victim, and wonder what to do as Abyss appears out of the shadows. He taunts them and starts a fight and, sacrificing his own life, Banshee flies into the void within Abyss to tear him apart with his sonic scream at full force. Quicksilver grabs Jamie and manages to outrun the resulting shockwave, though Madrox repeats that he needs to die for the sake of Storm and Bishop, who are about to be defeated. Jamie shuts the dupes off but the process strains him so much that he too dies.

By the time that Storm, Quicksilver and Bishop return to Westchester, they find the other X-Teams waiting for them. Colossus and Shadowcat successfully retrieved little Illyana though at the cost of their charges in Generation Next and Nightcrawler convinced Destiny to come along as per Magneto’s request. In the sewers beneath the mansion, Dazzler and Exodus find the remaining X-Ternals who inform the others that the M’Kraan Crystal shard and baby Charles were stolen by Guido, who betrayed their team. After some deliberation, the heroes prepare themselves for their last strike against Apocalypse. For the plan to work, they need that M’Kraan crystal shard, and if they already have to break into the stronghold to get it, they can also try to save Magneto and baby Charles at the same time.


Weapon X and Jean Grey make it to London and meet up with the Human High Council, consisting of Bolivar Trask, his wife Moira, Emma Frost, Brian Braddock and Mariko Yashida. They hand them Sinister’s data rods and, while the Council members are busy decrypting and discussing the files, the two mutants agree to help in the evacuations. Riding a Sentinel, the couple arrives at a control tower of Apocalypse’s mid-atlantic sea wall. The Infinites send out a distress call, and Havok is teleported there as a back-up. Fortunately, Jean is able to keep him at bay while Logan takes out the control center of the entire sector, allowing the Sentinels to breach the seawall and head for the American shore to pick up all the humans that await their evacuation.

Back in London, the pair learns that the Council have decided that the only way to stop Apocalypse is a nuclear strike on North America. Logan applauds this decision, though Jean is not so sure about it. Some trouble starts at the landing site of the incoming Sentinels, caused by Box and Copycat, who have been posing as two refugees. The two former X-Men effectively deal with them, unaware that it is just a distraction for the Reavers, other operatives of Apocalypse, to secretly enter Eurasia. Jean finally decides that she doesn’t want to be involved in killing half of the world’s population, so she boards a plane to warn America of the coming attack. Logan tries to stop her, but Jean says the only way to prevent her from going would be to kill her. Unable to do that, all Logan can do is watch her leave.

While Weapon X instructs the Council about which targets to hit first in America, the Reavers hijack one of the Eurasian Armada’s airships and set another one on fire. Logan leaps onto the ship and deals with the cyborgs, though he is unable to save the second ship from exploding. Both crafts crash, permanently disabling the Analog Guidance System that is essential for the planned doomsday strike on America. At least Logan survives, though just barely, and walks away from the crashsite.

After his healing factor has done its job, Weapon X comes up with an idea for a possible replacement for the Guidance System. He travels to the remains of Wundagore mountain to locate the old aborigine mutant Gateway, who should possess the necessary skills to navigate the Armada towards America. Along the way, he runs into some more of the Reavers, but he slices them apart and then meets up with his old friend Carol Danvers. Together, they enter the top of the tower where, for the recent years, Gateway has been sitting and studying humanity’s history with the computers that surround him. Carol explains that Gateway attempts to absorb all that knowledge before it will be lost forever. Logan has no time to wait for Gateway to come out of his trance, so he destroys the computer terminals, getting Gateway’s attention. He explains the importance of the mission, but Gateway turns him down. Before they can continue their discussion, they are once more attacked by the Reavers. Gateway teleports the three of them aboard the Reavers‘ airship and a battle ensues. As Weapon X is nearly defeated, Carol throws herself onto Pierce, knocking the two of them out of the airplane. As they fall, she pulls her hand grenade's pin and the two explode in mid-air. Logan silently mourns his friend Carol for her heroic actions and Gateway decides that for Carol’s sake, he will do what Logan and the Human Council ask of him.

With Gateway joining them in their attack on Apocalypse's citadel in New York, the council board the lead airship moving towards America. During the flight, Logan talks with Emma about Jean. Although he feels betrayed by her, he knows why she chose as she did and he still loves her. As the armada enters a storm, Gateway gets on top of the craft to feel the weather patterns to better navigate. Logan follows him and, right then, Pierce once more attacks, accompanied by a second cyborg who turns out to be Carol Danvers. The grenade did not kill them and Pierce has turned her into one of his Reavers. He also had inside help with Brian Braddock secretly working for Apocalypse too. With the cockpit and command center of the lead ship destroyed, Brian comes to his senses and tries to stop Pierce, though in vain. Logan tries to talk Carol out of killing Gateway by reminding her of her past self. As he is about to reach her, Pierce kills her. With his right arm severely injured, Logan seems unable to stop Pierce from killing Gateway, but suddenly he pops the claws from his severed hand arm. Ever since that hand was cut off, he had kept secret that the claws of it were still retracted in his forearm. With Pierce out of the way, Gateway quickly takes charge of the situation, which at this point looks hopeless. Gateway creates a portal large enough for the entire Armada to travel through to their destination, Apocalypse's heartland. Logan sighs, part of him had hoped they would fail, but now they are going to kill everyone in New York, including Jean.


Shortly after he sends Weapon X and Jean to London, Sinister decides that it is finally time to part ways with Apocalypse. Although he wonders how his betrayal will affect his surrogate sons, Cyclops and Havok, he leaves and blows up his office to cover any clues to his destination and plans.

In the breeding pens, it is just another day as usual. Despite the Brain Trust, a device empowered by six telepathic minds, psionically drugging the prisoners, some of them try to escape. They are easily captured by the Mutant Elite Force (Aurora, Northstar, Amazon, Cannonball, Havok, Cyclops and the Bedlam brothers) and turned over to the Beast, who uses their genetic material to create more Infinite soldiers. Once they realize that Sinister has abandoned them, Cyclops, as the highest ranking prelate, takes charge, much to Havok’s annoyance. The next day, Apocalypse officially puts Cyclops in command and, impressed by the older Summers brother, even hints that he might become the next Horseman. Havok envies his brother even more and schemes to take over.

Alex and the Bedlam Brothers regularly spend their free time in the nightclub Heaven, a supposed neutral ground for humans and mutants, run by the Angel. Although it’s against Apocalypse’s law of miscegenation, Havok secretly has an affair with the club’s human singer, Scarlett McKenzie. He is unaware that she is actually a spy for the Human High Council, just like Angel’s apprentice Karma, who has already been discovered and arrested. Meanwhile, late at night, Cyclops actually helps some of the prisoners to escape. He has been questioning Apocalypse’s methods for quite some time and, equipped with a cloaking field, he guides a few prisoners to a secret meeting point, where they are picked up by Val Cooper, who is working in a resistance group. On one such occasion, Cyclops is almost exposed by his teammates Northstar and Aurora and, to ensure his escape he has to blast them, putting them both in a coma. Unnoticed by Scott, Havok observes the incident and is very happy to finally have some evidence against his brother.

Havok really thinks it is his lucky day when he discovers Jean Grey in the citadel. Having returned from London, she searches for Sinister, thinking that if anyone can help her to overthrow Apocalypse, and thus preventing the Human Council’s nuclear strike, it is he. Momentarily distracted by finding Sinister’s sanctum in ruins, she lets her guard down, allowing Havok to knock her out. When she awakens, she finds herself strapped in one of the interrogation devices of the Beast’s lab. The mad scientist already interrogated her when she was a prisoner years ago, but she refused any attempts of him breaking her spirit and, after long months, she was rescued by Logan. Havok takes his older brother to the lab, and Scott is stunned to see the beautiful redhead, remembering how he was drawn to her already years ago. Finally, Alex confronts Cyclops about freeing people from the pens and accuses him of working together with the known race traitor, Jean Grey. He tells him to kill her to prove his innocence but Scott refuses. Havok smiles and orders the Guthries to detain Cyclops and, in exchange for their loyalties, they receive a promotion. Alex becomes the base’s new commander while Scott is turned over to the Beast to suffer as a guinea pig in his labs.

Havok’s victory is spoiled when Scarlett’s treachery is discovered and she is arrested. During interrogation, she reveals that she is pregnant with Havok’s baby and Alex wonders how to deal with this. Apocalypse decides that without Sinister, the breeding pens are useless, so he wants them shut down and the prisoners to be culled. Havok passes the order on to the Mutant Elite, though not all of them like it. The Bedlams think that killing the weak is without honor. In the lab, Jean and Scott manage to escape and plan to release the prisoners. They head towards the Brain Trust, but they run into the Bedlams. However, instead of fighting, the two brothers opt to join them and help by dealing with the Guthries so that Jean and Scott can continue their plan. Jean proves to be the stronger telepath and destroys the Brain Trust, while the Bedlam Brothers sabotage the power plant. The many inmates of the pens bust out of their cells and, before a panic can start, Jean and Scott take charge and lead them out of the base towards freedom, Havok hot in their trail.


After turning his back on the breeding pens, Sinister decides to bring forth a secret plan he has been working on for the past years. During the time Jean Grey was a prisoner, he had found that her genetic make-up was the perfect match for the DNA of Scott Summers and, unknown to both of them, Sinister had used their samples to grow a young boy with mutant powers of such degree that he would be able to defeat Apocalypse. This boy, named Nate Grey, had broken out of the lab he was held in and, unaware of his origin or his purpose, had joined a small resistance cell (Forge, Toad, Soaron, Brute, Mastermind and Sonique) that, disguised as a theatre group, travels around northern America. Sinister plans to manipulate the boy and, to avoid recognition, shapeshifts. In his new guise, he too joins the group under the name Essex. The Brute figures out his real identity but Sinister kills him before he can tell the others.

Forge, Nate’s mentor, constantly reminds the boy to be careful with his powers, so that they don’t alert any of Apocalypse’s troops to their presence, but Nate is fed up with having to hold back. Essex uses this to his advantage and starts manipulating Nate, for example, by encouraging him to use his powers to fly. He also suggests the rebels’ next target, a factory of Apocalypse where experiments are conducted on humans. Reluctantly, the group checks out the place and find only corpses, but are in turn discovered by the Madri. A battle ensues where Nate, after taking some lumps, uses the new appliance of his powers. Later, back in their camp, Nate confides in Theresa that he doesn’t like to be kept on the short leash.

Not before long, the Shadow King registers the new powerful psi-talent and tells his master about it. Immediately, Apocalypse sends out Domino and her team of bounty hunters to capture or kill the telepath. They arrive right in the middle of an argument between Forge and Essex. Domino demands that they hand over the telepath. Forge tries to pass off Mastermind as Nate, but the bounty hunters see through the ploy and kill him. Battle ensues and both teams have casualties. Finally, Nate gains the upper hand and makes Domino relive the deaths of all her victims, rendering her catatonic. Nate and Forge make up and Nate decides that Forge was right – he still has a lot to learn.

When Forge discovers the slain Brute, he gets into a fight with his murderer Essex, though gets killed as well. Nate telepathically feels Forge dying and his last words are to find Magneto. Nate angrily lashes out at Essex, who doesn’t die, but transforms into Sinister and promises him answers. The scientist tells Nate his origin and that he was intended to be a secret “superweapon” to destroy Apocalypse, whose bloodlust is interfering with Sinister’s own plans. Nate has enough of all this and injures Sinister mortally. However, he realizes that Sinister had a point: if he ever wants peace, he’ll have to destroy Apocalypse first. Nate says good-bye to his surviving friends and uses his telepathy to find out that Magneto is in Apocalypse’s citadel as a prisoner. Upon reaching Manhattan, Nate has a short encounter with Scott and Jean who are leading the prisoners to safety, but he proceeds on towards the stronghold.

X-Men Omega
Inside the stronghold on top of Manhattan, Holocaust and Apocalypse enjoy torturing the captive Magneto until they are informed of the Eurasian Human High Council having unleashed their bombs on the midwestern part of America, killing millions. Apocalypse commands to expand the sea wall defense grid across the Atlantic, well aware that this will kill all inhabitants of Eurasia.

Thanks to Blink’s teleportation powers, the X-Men and their friends secretly enter the pens and find them empty. They proceed to the chamber where Apocalypse has placed the M’Kraan crystal and prepare to send a team into it to correct the timeline. Destiny reveals that only she, Illyana and Bishop can enter the crystal, as they no longer have a counterpart in the true reality. Meanwhile, Nate Grey has entered the palace, seeking vengeance for his mentor, Forge’s death. He pools resources with Magneto to fight Apocalypse and his son, and soon the combatants burst through a wall – to where the other X-Men are standing in front of the crystal. While the X-Men protect the M'Kraan from the incoming forces, Destiny, Illyana and Bishop reach the heart of the crystal. Guided by the elderly woman, Illyana unlocks her mutant power and creates a portal for Bishop that sends him to Israel twenty years in the past where everything began. The X-Men fail to notice the Sugar Man coming out of hiding place in Colossus’ boot and making his way into the crystal. Additionally, although they do witness the Dark Beast using a teleporting device set to the same location, they are too late to stop him.

Outside in the streets, Jean Grey and Cyclops are leading the people they freed from the pens towards New Jersey. They are unaware of themselves being stalked by Havok and, when Jean senses the death of the many people in the midwestern bombing, she knows that they are about to share the same fate. Sensing the bombs approach, she erects a telekinetic shield over New York, hoping to avoid the mass destruction. At the same time, Logan parachutes down, as he wants to spend his last minutes together with Jean. However, such joy is denied him, as Havok fires a fatal plasma blast in Jean’s back and then kills Cyclops. Once he lands, Weapon X stabs Havok from behind and then tends to Jean, who dies in his arms.

In the remains of the stronghold, Nate Grey is fighting Holocaust and, intending to damage his armor, rams a crystal shard into his chest, with unexpected results – both vanish without a trace. Magneto seemingly looses his final battle with Apocalypse, but he was only taking time to concentrate. In the end, he manages to charge enough magnetic energy to rip Apocalypse in half. As the bombs hit the ground a few minutes later, Magneto holds his wife and son close to him and he thanks Charles Xavier for giving him such a great dream to fight for.

In the past, Bishop manages to prevent Legion from accidentally killing Xavier. Instead, he rams the psi-knife intended for Erik Magnus Lehnsherr into his own chest, so that Legion sees the nightmarish images of the Age of Apocalypse. Seeing the horror he would cause, Legion dies of the energy feedback, and the old Bishop too fades out as reality reboots. Without Legion to anchor them, the four X-Men who went into the past after him get sucked back to the present. In Israel, Charles Xavier, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr and Gabrielle Haller are left behind wondering what happened.

Credit to Wikipedia, Marvel, Uncannyxmen.net, ComicVine

Apocalypse to Scotty Cyclops (X-Man # 1)"In the survival of the fittest, one should expect a challenge from within! Although I pity Sinister, for alone he'll never pose any threat to my power. No one has the power of Apocalypse."

Here comes my favorite DC Superhero. People called him the scarlet speedster, the fastest man alive and the streak or the blur (CW). He is The Flash. Well like Spiderman, there is more than 1 person who have run with that tight. 4 actually.

Unlike Spider Man, the most famous webhead is Peter Parker which is the first spidey. But for the flash the first speedster isn't the famous one. Goes by the name of Jay Garrick, Ever wonder why he isnt famous as Barry Allen? My first thought, look at his costume. :-) He is called the Golden Age The Flash. Created in the 1940s. Jay Garrick was a college student in Keystone City who developed incredible superspeed after he fell asleep in the science lab and accidentally inhaled the hyper-charged atoms of a radioactive liquid. He was the one and only Flash up until the mid-1950s.

The second speedster and my favorite is well, Barry Allen. Why he is my favorite? He is superhero nerd with the girl (spiderman anybody). In comics, nerd will always get the girl. Unlike in reality. Barry is a forensic scientist in Central City with a reputation for being constantly late, Barry gained his powers after a bolt of lightning struck him in his lab while he was surrounded by chemicals. While his powers were similar to Jay Garrick’s, Barry’s costume was considerably different, and with a few minor alterations, has largely remained the Flash’s costume to this day. Featuring a red bodysuit and cowl, with yellow boots and gold detailing that drew its inspiration from the lightning bolt that struck him, it was Barry’s costume that truly earned the Flash the nickname of the Scarlet Speedster. And don't forget he is one of the found of Justice League of America that i will write about in a later post.

The third flash is Wally West, if you familiar with Barry Allen you will find something here. Barry Allen married Iris West, and Iris is Wally aunt. Cliche right? Wally start as a kid flash and become a member of Teen Titan before taking mantle of the flash after Barry died (spoiler). Wally gained his speed powers during a visit to his uncle at the Central City Police Station when a lightning bolt once again struck the chemicals within the lab. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? Of all the Flashes, Wally has probably undergone the greatest number of changes over time. Initially the slowest Flash, capable of only running a little faster than the speed of sound, Wally would eventually discover his link to the Speed Force—the energy source that gives the Flashes their power—and in so doing would go on to become the fastest of the Flashes.

The fourth flash is Bart Allen. I dont really know about him. Bart’s origin is…complicated. He’s from the future and is the grandson of Barry Allen, but is also descended from the Reverse-Flash, one of the Flash’s most destructive villains. In the minds of most fans, Bart’s still largely seen as Impulse, Wally West’s sidekick (that's Bart in the Impulse costume above). However, when Wally retired to an alternate reality in 2006’s INFINITE CRISIS, the door was left open for Bart to step into the role of the Flash. Unfortunately, Bart was killed in a plot by Inertia—a villain who was actually his psychotic clone—and the Flash mantle was returned to West.

Next I will write about the comics Xmen : Age of Apocalypse. There is a movie about this that will come out later this year.

“Life is locomotion. If you’re not moving you’re not living. But there comes a time when you’ve got to stop running AWAY from things and you’ve got to start running TOWARDS something. You’ve got to forge ahead. Keep moving. Even if your path isn’t lit trust that you’ll find your way.”- Barry Allen, The Flash
2 days without post. I'm thinking of published 1 post everyday but too busy for that. Today is the day i like as a blogger. Superhero Time. Actually im thinking on doing Marvel Monday, but when i want to write about DC comics it will not rhyme nicely. DC Monday? Yuckss.

The one that i want to promote today is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.He is my favorite superhero that ever created.  Do you know that there are more than single person who suit up as a Spider-Man? Mostly people know is Peter Parker due to 5 movies in 13 years under his name and another 1 will be in 2016.